Long Hair Texturizing Bundle

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Long Hair Texturizing Bundle: Unleash Creativity & Movement

Elevate the Art of Texturizing with Our Exclusive Long Hair Texturizing Bundle

Step into the world of advanced texturizing with our Long Hair Texturizing Bundle, a specially designed collection of video tutorials for stylists who aspire to bring vibrancy and movement to long hairstyles. This bundle brings together three key tutorials: "Free Hand Slicing," "Back Cutting," and "Backing It Up," each focused on innovative techniques to add texture and dimension to long hair.

What's Included in the Bundle?

1. Free Hand Slicing:

Explore the Freedom of Texturizing: This tutorial takes you through the technique of free hand slicing, perfect for adding soft, unstructured layers and movement to long hair. Learn to intuitively slice through hair to create effortlessly natural, lived-in looks, a skill that’s invaluable for stylists aiming to offer contemporary and trending hairstyles.

2. Back Cutting:

Master the Subtleties of Internal Layering: Back cutting is all about creating invisible layers and removing weight while maintaining length. This tutorial guides you in mastering this delicate technique, essential for achieving voluminous yet seamless styles. It’s a must-have skill for stylists dedicated to crafting bespoke, flowing hairstyles for their clients.

3. Backing It Up:

Innovative Techniques for Textural Contrast: Dive into the technique of ‘backing it up,’ a unique approach to adding contrasting textures within the same haircut. This tutorial will show you how to combine sleekness with texture for a multidimensional effect, offering your clients the best of both worlds in their hairstyles.