My Journey

Creating Serious Beauty

Our Education Philosophy

Ritual of Mentorshop

Serious Beauty Education is founded on a teach-to-transfer approach that develops the stylist through a connective education system of progression.

We mentor stylists to reach their highest potential in confidence, comprehension, and creativity.

We are a community connected by craft and passion, woven through each and every one of us.

Ritual of Connection

We touch the hearts of our clients through the hands of our stylists.

Visibility in the chair is made possible through confidence behind the chair.

My Salon Wall

I’m excited to offer haircutting appointments to all new and existing clients who would like to be part of my content creation journey! This means that all haircuts will be filmed, edited and posted to my social and paid business platforms for the purpose of educating professional stylists and inspiring clients just like you!

“I believe every client has the right to remain visible and feel good about their look. To put it simply, there is nothing better than the right cut on the right person at the right time in their life.”

With your request to book an appointment with me, we will consult, analyze and discover the haircut that makes you feel and look your best.

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Angel Blades Scissors are a collection of hand-crafted shears made from Japanese Steel for maximum durability and longevity to support a stylist's haircutting journey for years to come.

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Unlock the secrets to masterful haircuts with our curated collection of hair cutting videos, designed to enhance your skills and inspire creativity behind the chair.

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Sharp Scissor Society is a digital learning ground for stylists who want to develop and grow their haircutting confidence and connect more deeply with their craft.

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Get ready to take your hair styling skills to the next level with the Serious Beauty Academy Tour.