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Personalized Cutting with Sonna Brado

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Join Sonna Brado in a city near you for an exclusive opportunity to elevate your cutting skills with a focus on personalized precision cutting and designing for your client’s face shape.

Embark on a 1 or 2-day educational journey tailored to mastering the art of creating cuts and designs that harmonize seamlessly with the individual characteristics of your clients. The cutting-edge customizing concepts and techniques you'll acquire are not just transformative—they're adaptable to your salon environment, ensuring you can implement them seamlessly into your everyday work. Don't miss this opportunity to refine your craft and elevate your salon experience. 

This class is for all stylists who want to learn how to confidently and quickly identify their client's unique needs and select the most suitable techniques based on their hair texture and density patterns. 

Choose 1 or 2-days of education based on city and availability. Limited capacity at each location.

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Types of Classes & Workshops

Look & Learn (1-Day)

An interactive 1-day demo session with Sonna where she’ll work with 2 live models in real time, demonstrating classic cutting and her personalizing techniques.

You’ll learn:

  • Sonna’s 4 step consultation system
  • How to analyze your clients face shape, skull shape, profile and body shape
  • The process of identifying what your client needs and how to choose the right technique based on hair texture and density
  • 2 haircuts that are customized live for her models

Look & Learn + Hands-on Workshop (2-Days)

A 2-day educational experience that includes everything in the 1-day Look & Learn, plus a full hands-on workshop day that takes you deep into Sonna’s cutting methods and personalizing techniques.

You’ll learn:

  • 3 customizable haircuts, long, medium and short with hands-on practice 
  • Expanded Back Pocket Techniques to personalize each cut
  • How to identify the different Pattern Pieces of a haircut as they relate to the individual skull shape of your client
  • How to choose the appropriate/proper tool to achieve different results

Hands-in Immersive Class (1-Day)

A 1-day immersive and collaborative class that includes both a live model demo and group workshop experience dedicated to mastering texturizing techniques. This format gives you the opportunity to practice Sonna’s most loved techniques, experiment with different Angel Blades scissors to achieve your desired result, and receive personalized feedback and guidance from Sonna.

You’ll learn:

  • Sonna’s 4 step consultation system
  • How to analyze your clients face shape, skull shape, profile and body shape to personalize every cut
  • 1 haircut that is customized live for her model
  • 7 essential texturizing techniques- how and when to use them
  • How to use texturizing on different areas of the head to create desired results
  • How to reduce weight or build fullness

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