Hello! Welcome to my booking page.

I’m excited to offer haircutting appointments to all new and existing clients who would like to be part of my content creation journey! This means that all haircuts will be filmed, edited and posted to my social and paid business platforms for the purpose of educating professional stylists and inspiring clients just like you!

“I believe every client has the right to remain visible and feel good about their look. To put it simply, there is nothing better than the right cut on the right person at the right time in their life.”

With your request to book an appointment with me, we will consult, analyze and discover the haircut that makes you feel and look your best.

What to Expect

All appointments will average up to 2 hours. Either part or the entirety of the appointment will be filmed and subject to editing as needed. Your voice may or may not be recorded. Your experience will include:

  • Before photos
  • Consultation and analysis
  • Shampoo
  • Haircut
  • After photos

How to Book


Availability of Appointments

Appointments are opened one quarter at a time, due to Sonna’s extensive travel and show schedule. Next available appointments for April, May, and June will be made available on March 1.


Content is professional or consumer-focused content (videography, photography, or written copy) that hairdressers, educators, and influencers share on their social or paid business platforms to educate or inspire their audience. Authentic content creation (as I am creating) involves capturing content from real-life situations and people – in this situation, it will be my consultation and haircutting process. For the purposes of education and inspiration, your haircut will be filmed, edited, and may be shared on my social and/or paid business platforms for this use and this use alone.

I will analyze your face shape, skull shape, and body shape, and I will look at the density patterns, texture, and balance of your hair. We will also discuss your lifestyle routine and at-home styling capabilities. I may even recommend that you grow areas of your hair to create the ideal style you hope to achieve. It's not always about cutting the hair off, it is very much about tailoring the cut to fit who you are.

In addition to haircut and styling recommendations, I will offer a professional recommendation for haircare and styling products to maintain and recreate your salon service at home.

If you have seen me in the salon prior to my most recent sabbatical, I am accepting content creation appointments for my existing clientele. (I can't wait to see you again!) To schedule your appointment, please select the day and time available and fill out the pre-consultation application, sign the client release agreement and confirm you have read and understood my updated appointment cancellation policy. To confirm the booking, make the $175 deposit to hold your spot. I will email you directly to confirm the final price of your hair appointment. The final balance owed is based on your current hair length, style, and your desired end result.

Once you've confirmed your appointment, filled out the pre-consultation application, signed the client release agreement, and confirmed you have read and understood my updated appointment cancellation policy, I will receive notification of your salon appointment. I may contact you directly (via text or email) to confirm your final appointment time. Your appointment may change in 30-minute increments (earlier or later) than the originally selected time. You will be notified at least 24-48 hours prior to your appointment to confirm the time of arrival.

My content creation salon suite is located at:

1516 West Riverside, Suite 206

Spokane, WA 99201

Parts or the entirety of your appointment may be featured across my social platforms or paid business platforms. There is no set schedule as to when or to which platform footage of your appointment will be featured.

Following your consent of our usage rights policy, those platforms may include, but are not limited to the following:





To streamline efficiencies, all appointments require your consent to our usage rights policy, meaning I will not require your additional approval prior to sharing. When you consent to our usage rights policy, you agree to all footage captured during our appointment to be under my ownership and that it may or may not be shared in the capacities outlined indefinitely. I will, however, ensure your comfort and confidence during filming!

You’ll be asked to include your social media handle(s) on the consultation form, and should you agree to opt-in, I will tag you when posted, and your account will receive a notification.

No, you do not have to be a professional model in any way, shape, or form – It’s quite the opposite, actually! The focus of my education is truly to demonstrate how to create the right look, on the right client, at the right time in their life while empowering your visibility in the chair. I only ask that you come being your unique and beautiful self.

My haircuts are designed to create the right look, on the right client, at the right time in their life. Meaning your haircut will be personalized and determined following our consultation and analysis.

No, I do not offer color services.

Clients of all textures, lengths, and colors are welcome to book with me! However, I do have some conditions outlined below that your hair will need to meet to be considered for an appointment:

  • Hair should show no signs of demarcation or regrowth, and be freshly colored or natural.

If you are not at least 18 years or older, you must have a parent or guardian’s consent on our cancellation policy and usage rights policy.

For your haircut appointment, come with your hair as you typically style it (no ponytails or braids, please!). Wear clothing without visible logos or branding and wear natural, everyday makeup.

Yes! You are welcome to book with me regardless of your proximity. However, any travel costs incurred are your own expense.

Cancellations: If you need to cancel after your appointment is confirmed, you may do so up to 14 days before your appointment to be eligible to receive your 50% deposit back of $175. Cancellations requested within 13 days of your appointment will not be eligible for a deposit refund.

Reschedule: You may request to reschedule your appointment up to one week prior to your appointment. You will have one opportunity to reschedule. Any request after that would require the balance of $175 to be paid in full. Canceled reschedules are not eligible for a deposit refund.

Come back to this page and reapply for your next content creation appointment.

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