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Texturizing Bobs Bundle: Crafting Movement & Dimension

Unleash the Art of Texturizing Bobs with Our Specially Curated Video Bundle

Elevate your bob haircutting techniques to new levels of artistry with the Texturizing Bobs Bundle. This unique collection of video tutorials is designed for stylists who want to infuse classic bob styles with texture, movement, and dimension. Featuring "Rounding," "Surface Cutting," and "Diamond Filtering," each tutorial delves into advanced techniques that transform ordinary bobs into extraordinary, textured masterpieces.

What's Included in the Bundle?


Master the Art of Soft Contours: Learn the technique of rounding to add softness and a rounded silhouette to your bob cuts. This tutorial guides you through the process of creating a more organic shape, moving away from the traditional sharp lines and angles, perfect for clients seeking a softer, more natural look.

Surface Cutting:

Create Texture on the Surface: Dive into the technique of surface cutting, a key skill for adding visible texture and movement on the top layers of a bob. This tutorial demonstrates how to strategically remove weight and add lightness to the hairstyle, enhancing its dynamic appeal and making it ideal for clients who desire a lively, textured bob.

Diamond Filtering:

Sculpt with Precision and Creativity: Explore diamond filtering, an advanced texturizing technique that allows for precise thinning and texturizing within the haircut. Learn how to create a 'diamond' pattern in the hair, providing a unique texture and volume distribution that sets your bob hairstyles apart.