Angel Blades 6.25” Swivel Cutting Scissor

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ANGEL BLADES 6.25” Swivel Cutting Scissor

“I love these to cut at unique angles and to add creativity to what I’m able to do with my regular scissors.  I think they’re great.”

— Sonna


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Product Details

  • Japanese cryogenically tempered Molybdenum Steel.

  • Hand crafted and forged in Japan.

  • Polymer glide to minimize metal-to-metal wear

  • Ergonomic rotating thumb to ease pressure on the wrist & thumb

  • One-year edge warranty

  • Lifetime warranty on parts

  • 21 Day No Questions Asked, return or exchange guaranteed**

**Returned items must be in original, undamaged condition. See Warranty**

ANGEL BLADES BY SONNA BRADO, Scissor Sharpening Information.

Our scissors feature both beveled(White) and convex(Silver) blades which provide the smoothest possible cut. However, beveled blades are much more difficult to make and to re-sharpen and there are many poorly trained sharpening services that may damage these blades and or alter the performance of your Angel Blade scissor. Using the Sonna Brado recommended service center, Precision Edge, is the only way to protect your scissors and to keep your lifetime scissor warranty (using a different sharpening service than Precision Edge will void your warranty)  

If you live in and purchased your shears in the UNITED STATES:

You will need to call Precision Edge prior to shipping (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT): 800-729-3343 9am-5pm PST.  Retain your receipt!!!

Precision Edge will ask you some questions about your shear to make some notes on what to expect when they receive them and will discuss payment for shear service.

Sharpening Service Fees are as follows (the lifetime warranty does not include sharpening/service fees):

FIRST YEAR $20.00 (receipt required)

If the attached shipping label is utilized or if you utilize the shipping label that came with your shear: $20.00.

AFTER 1 YEAR $40.00

If the attached shipping label is utilized or if you utilize the shipping label that came with your shear: $40.00.

If you choose to send the shear(s) on your own/without the label after speaking to Precision Edge, be sure to obtain insurance and tracking in case of loss or damage during shipping and keep the tracking in a safe place. Note: If you send more than 1 shear, shipping may be slightly higher, please discuss during your call.

If you no longer have your return service label that was included with your shear, please scroll down below to see the attached label.

The following are Angel Blade approved Shear Service Centers worldwide:


Precision Edge

130 East 4th Street

Pittsburg, CA 94565







Precision Edge – Europe

Contact: Mirjam Van Oord

Meelstraat 11

NL-4301 EA Zierikzee



Tel: +31 681 922 256



Edge Revival Sharpening Service

I am so excited to partner with Precision Edge for all my Angel Blades servicing needs. Sonna.



1. PRECISION EDGE warrants this shear to be free from defects in material or workmanship for the LIFE OF THE SHEAR. Excluding damage and normal wear.

2. PRECISION EDGE will replace any parts, including silencers, washers, pivot screws, knobs, and finger rings for the LIFE OF THE SHEAR, should they fail under normal use.  Parts will automatically be replaced at the time of service if needed.  To obtain a free replacement part, call our service center for instructions, as it is not always necessary to send in the shears for replacement parts. 1-800-729-3343



1. In addition, Precision Edge will also guarantee this shear against dullness, nicks, and accidental damage for a limited period of up to 1 year from the date of purchase.


Warranty Exclusions

Shears that have been abused beyond the demands of ordinary use or that have been serviced by any other company other than Precision Edge Inc. are not covered under this warranty.  Precision Edge will not be liable in tort or otherwise for incidental or consequential damage arising from the use of this shear.



  • After each haircut, clean off any excess hair from your shears.
  • Daily, add a few drops of oil to the inner pivot area and then open and close the shear several times.  This will help clean excess debris from the pivot area.  Then, carefully wipe away any excess oil and debris.
  • Once a week, after oiling your shear, check the tension adjustment.  Lift and drop one handle.  If it falls more than ½ way shut, tighten the shear by turning the screw or tension knob slightly to the right.  If your shear has a self-adjuster, this will be only 1 or 2 clicks clockwise.

After adjustment, repeat the test and, if necessary, repeat the adjusting procedures. More tension is better for a shear than not enough.