10 Video Fringe Mastery Bundle

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10 Video Fringe Mastery Bundle: A Comprehensive Journey into Fringe Artistry

Elevate Your Craft with Over 90 Minutes of Expert Fringe Styling Techniques

The 10 Video Fringe Mastery Bundle is a comprehensive collection designed for stylists who seek to master the intricate art of fringe styling. With over 90 minutes of detailed tutorials, this bundle offers a deep dive into ten distinctive fringe styles, each with the power to transform any haircut into a statement piece.

This Exclusive Bundle Includes:

  • Side Swept Razored Fringe: Achieve an edgy, texturized fringe using razor techniques for a modern, deconstructed look.

  • Italian Movie Fringe: Evoke the dramatic flair of classic Italian cinema with a deep, bold fringe that makes a statement.

  • 70s Feather Fringe: Embrace the retro allure of the '70s with a feathered fringe that's all about movement and texture.

  • V-Fringe: Get creative with a V-shaped fringe that combines edgy geometry with an eye-catching style.

  • Side Swept Fringe: Explore the sweeping elegance of this versatile fringe style that suits a variety of face shapes.

  • Heavy Fringe: One of the laws of haircutting is if you hold the hair in natural fall and 0 degrees, you will get a heavy line.

  • Bardot Fringe: Channel the timeless glamour of Brigitte Bardot with a fringe that's synonymous with vintage elegance.

    West Coast Fringe: Capture the laid-back, effortless vibe of the West Coast with a fringe that's casual yet chic.

  • Side Part Curtain Fringe: Perfect the art of draping with a side part curtain fringe that flatters and frames the face beautifully.

  • Rounded Pixie Fringe: Learn how to soften a bold pixie cut with a rounded fringe that adds femininity and grace.